Minacle Co. Ltd., founded by Mr. Song who comes from three generations of fashion entrepreneurs, is the leader in brand building and management, and development of retail and distribution networks in South Korea. Our inspiration and goal is to build all our brands into the strongest in its respective category and maintain its image and continue to gain market position through the ages.


We thrive on challenges and with the support of our dedicated team and corporate partners all our aspirations are realized. Understanding market specifics and consumer preferences, and brand building is at the pulse of every activity. With a stronghold in local and regional distribution Minacle's adaptable approach ensures each brand flourishes within the local and regional context.








We are uncompromising when it comes to the pursuit of excellence. The awareness that our past success does not guarantee our future ensures that our focus is maintained on the ambition to constantly outdo ourselves.


We are dedicated in our respect for others. A deep sense of satisfaction is derived from treating people right, being fair in our dealings and fulfilling our end of the promise. To all our brand owners, principals, business partners, customers and employees, it is with this mutual respect that we have committed to build our relationships upon.








Minacle is able to leverage its excellent ongoing relationships with all the major department stores, media, broadcasters and entertainment companies to build a brand to its full potential in Korea. We understand the complexity of the brand's image and align our marketing and distribution strategies accordingly.


With our existing corporate relationships and infrastructure, it was only natural to expand from fashion to other categories.





Mono-shops and Flagship Stores


Department stores


Multi-branded Boutiques


Super Stores


Duty Free Stores




Convenience Stores


Home Shopping


On-line Shopping Malls



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